Joyce Pre-Wedding Shooting & Makeup Trial

June 28th, 2011

真的要特別鳴謝Joyce! 除了因為Joyce選擇了我做她的Pre-wedding及Big Day MUA之外, 試妝後還在她的Blog介紹我, 又有次我替另一位準新娘子問她那裡可以買到姊妹裙, 她二話不說就send了資料給我, Joyce真是Super Nice呀! 多謝您!

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8 Responses to “Joyce Pre-Wedding Shooting & Makeup Trial”

  1. vicki says:

    Hello, I have my big day on 15/11/2013.
    Are you available on that day ??
    Can you send me your package??
    Thank you

  2. Cherry says:

    Dear Phoenix,

    I will have an engagement party on Aug 27 afternoon in Tuen Mun Gold Coast and would like to use your services, can you advise the cost and if you will be available?

    Kind regards

  3. MP says:

    hi Phoenix,,
    My big day is 26 Jan 2013, will u available on that day?
    And pls kindly send the price list for ref.
    Many thanks!^^

  4. Jenny Yung says:

    Hello phoenix~
    I left a comment in another post in your blog, but I am afraid that you will not notice. That’s why I have a new comment in here again.
    May I have your price list for wedding day? And how much for trial make up?
    My wedding day is on 2012-3-17, do you free on that day?

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